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About us

Light in new quality

Our mission is to create a breathtaking atmosphere with our intelligent wood veneer lighting.

An innovative lamination process, by combining glass and wood veneer, allows us to implement our products almost anywhere. The result is a high-quality lighting product that is durable and weather resistant.

We produce high-quality genuine wood-veneered glass elements, which generate indirect intelligent lighting, in the desired geometry.

Our demanding customers use our products for decoration in walls, furniture, apartments, restaurants, bars, and hotels, for interior and outdoor applications.

Why us?

Our strengths


With craftsmanship and passion, we manufacture high quality products in northern Germany. Through close attention to detail, such as carefully chosen material or matching wood grain, every product turns out perfectly in form and function. Thus, each lamp is unique because we use genuine wooden veneer. In an invisible part of the product, our craftsmen sign their artworks individually.

Our aim is to create high-quality products and beautiful light, to be used as elements of contemporary interior design.

This is what motivates us – an outstanding product and a satisfied customer.


Our customers include international companies in the yachting industry. Hence, our products have stunning quality and represent a high-level standard, which is required to extend customers expectations.

The product on the right was produced according to individual specifications. The frame is made of stainless steel and milled to the requested shape. Every piece of the wood veneer was hand-picked to ensure the perfection of the wood grain.

With our detail-accurate work on the product, we create lighting elements of the highest quality.

In this field we work with partners that are experts in their area and have many years of experience.


Each product is handmade and produced in our manufactory in Germany. Our craftsmen are well trained, experienced and able to customize your products in high quality.

Implementation and custom manufacturing of furniture and lighting elements, including hotel, bar and restaurant environments are large-scale projects, which we are able to realize upon request. You can see some of them on our inspiration page.

We love to turn new ideas into reality. The areas of application for our lighting elements, especially the panel, are almost limitless. We welcome new challenges and are looking forward to implementing exciting projects.

What makes us different

Your goal – Our offer

You want to make your property to look special, unique and to create a comfortable atmosphere. We are providing the best solution for your project through our expertise and a high quality manufacturing process.


A business relationship has to remain fair. We always aim for a win-win situation. This ensures that both sides benefit from the concept.


We know how precious your time is. That's why we always try to work as efficiently as possible.


A friendly and respectful approach is also important to us. We always try to empathize with each other's situation to better understand a situation. "A true great Man will neither trample on a Worm, nor sneak to an Emperor." (Benjamin Franklin)

Your advantage

Expertise and flexibility

Our engineers and lighting specialists always find the best comfort light solution for you. With our manufacturing possibilities and highly qualified craftsmen, we are able to customize and produce your vision.