The average gives the world its substance, the exceptional gives it its value (Oscar Wilde)


Our WOODEN panel is versatilely applicable. As wall covering  in a hotel, restaurant or club, as a highlight at the reception desk or speakers desk, table plate or as lighting element in a door frame, the combination of wood, glass and LED gives every room a special splendour. The application possibilities are virtually unlimited.


Panzerhalle Salzburg

GreenTec Awards

Hair Stylist Elixir Hamburg

Private Household Bremen

2Raum Club Bremen

Reception Desk: AS Möbel Showroom Bremen

StadtWIRT Restaurant Bremen

WOODEN Germany Showroom




Our customers are inspired by the innumerable applications of WOODEN products. Extraordinary, extravagant or simple and unpretentious, we also realize individual project requests.

When planning your project, we are always on hand to advise. In the first step, we check the idea for feasibility and project the appropriate solution. Then we discuss individual work processes up to the final product.

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