Stress reducing light, due to the use of real wood and economical LED:Technology. WOODEN TUBE is the Designer lamp that you were looking for. The economical Eyecatcher: WOODEN TUBE A handmade real wood lamp, which will give you the atmosphere of a candle light dinner.

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Tube emitted a warm and cozy light, has the form of a tube and each one is unique. We are talking about the WOODEN TUBE by WOODEN- Germany. As each and every one of WOODEN- Germany ́s products the TUBE also comes along with the latest LED Technology and an elegant design. Like the previous product, the WOODEN DICE, our customers have the total control over the composition of their own lamp right from the start. Along the preferences of the customers, you can choose between either Olive and Birchwood or the more exotic looking woods such as Tulipwood. You can also choose the color of the frame. Due to the use of real wood and its grain, every lamp is a unique specimen.

– Glass with laminated wood
– Power supply: 110V-230V AC
– Light source: 2700K LED
– Light Output LED: 2300 lm
– Power: 20W
– Dimensions: 90mm x 800mm


The latest LED technology

For the lamp TUBE we use one of the best cluster LEDs in the world. The luminous flux is itself highly efficient at 2700k over 130lm / W (at 60 ° C chip temperature). The lamp TUBE is operated via a LED-driver made in Europe, which, like the LED, lasts at least 50 hours. Of course, all components are simulated with our thermal software in order to detect possible hot spots or convections.

CNC machined and powder-coated

For the lamp TUBE, even the side caps are CNC milled from a solid material (aluminum). These are later used to cool the LED. When it comes to painting, wooden-Germany yet again insists upon the higher quality powder coating.

Solid-coated cable

We pay attention to the smallest details. On the one hand, solid-coated cables are higher quality and more elegant, and on the other hand they offer better protection. For this reason, wooden-Germany has opted for this variant.

Galvanized brass fittings for height adjustment

We also insist upon quality for the height adjustment and build very elegant bolting. These not only look chic, but also offer a fantastic grip. Should the lamp ever need to be adjusted 10 cm higher or lower, the upper PG bolt makes it simple to do.

Curved real wood

True to the motto: „Each lamp is unique“, we exclusively use real wood. The wood is bent by hot steam and formed into the proper shape. A custom-fit curve creates a captivating image that will wow you.

Real glass with Hand-blown fit

Glass usually has very high tolerances. To ensure that our glass has the perfect fit at the edges, the ends are finished with a mouth blower and released from the cable feeds. This process ensures consistent quality and precision fit for the final product.

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Dimensions 9 x 80 cm