About us

The Team

Who we are

We are a young, dynamic and highly creative team that also possesses an excellent know-how in the field of LED- Technology. Our Team is run by four employees with a small production line in Germany. Additional, we are complemented with one employee working and representing WOODEN- Germany in the US.

The idea behind Wooden

The idea came from Genrih Missal, founder and CEO of WOODEN-Germany. He has worked for five years in the field of architectural and street lighting as a project and development manager. During this time, he won a competition for the company called: “Communities in a New Light” for the best LED design. As an employee, he developed new and innovative products, which have been partly patented by the company.

While attending a meeting at a partner company, Genrih saw a light veneer of real wood (prototype) but built with fluorescent tubes. The prototype was not weatherproof due to the miscalculations of the different expansions of wood and glass, therefore making it unsuitable for mass production.

After six months of experimentation in his own home, Genrih invented his own process for glass lamination of the wood veneer. This makes the wood weather resistant and also prevents it from cracking. Of course, the light was further refined with the latest LED technology. With this in mind, he made a pilot series and developed a manufacturing process that can be easily transferred to other products.

Genrih proudly showed his sister the first product. At this time, his sister was working with well-known designers and interior architects in the field of interior design. These designers sold products in the high price segment, so she could immediately recognize the quality of the product and refused to give it back. He left the light at his sister place, who had just given birth to a child. A week later, both spoke to each other over the phone and she told him that every time she turns on the light, her child is extremely quiet: she was stunned.

Genrih wanted to explain this phenomenon and decided to test the effect at an elite university in collaboration with psychology students, the  results were clear. Our unique and beautiful lamps generate a special light that makes you calm down due to the use of real wood. Today, WOODEN calls this light: comfort light.
Our Comfort Light is so much more than just an ordinary lamp turned orange, yellow or red. Because of the use of real wood, our light consists of thousands of different tones of orange, red and yellow. This creates an absolutely unique experience, which is only possible when you are using real wood. Each lamp that leaves our manufacturer is an individual piece that is not replicable, as each and every veneer is crafted essentially by nature itself.
Light is the single most important unit that affects our mind. WOODEN uses the latest LED technology and real wood to produce a special light that changes your mood. The feeling is comparable to enjoying your time next to a fireplace.

He knew he had developed something that just did not exist before, not only in terms of its resistance against daily weather influences but also because it’s a never-seen-before light.

The complete design was registered for patent approval.

What makes Wooden special

We developed the first weather-resistant solid wood lamp in the world. Each product is unique because we use real wood. Also, we only use the best LED components and simulate thermal cases with a state of the art software, so our lamps will work over a period of actually 50,000 hours. Most manufacturers claim this for their LED systems but are using an LED-driver, which has a maximum lifespan of 10,000 hours. The driver is needed to make the LEDs work with DC and constant current. However, once the driver is broken, the LEDs stop working as well. For this reason, the drivers at WOODEN, if there are any installed, are designed with a service lifespan of 50,000 hours. These are also manufactured in Europe, using highest quality standards.

Our vision

We want the whole world to know and learn about our products. Likewise, we would like to open up a second location in the US, once we have captured the European market. The US market is huge and we see great potential. We were also able to convince some companies from the US of our products.