Process of creation

Wood veneer, glass and state-of-the-art LEDs create our breathtaking comfort light, which gives every room a warm and special ambience.

1. Wood veneer

Our wood veneers are hand-picked and come from sustainable forestry sources.

2. Glass

Glass is a perfect material for covering the wood and making it durable and even weather resistant.

3. Veneer + Glass

By applying the glass with our special process, we stabilize the fragile wood veneer and prevent it from cracking.

4. LED

We exclusively use cutting edge LED technology as our light sources.

5. Product

By combining all these components, we create an elegant finish and a special ambient light.

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Smart home

Implementation of WOODEN products

Not only beautiful, but also smart. All products from WOODEN Germany are intelligent room accessories that can be controlled with a free app.

No Internet access is required for the control, because our lamps generate their own WiFi network. Likewise, the products can be integrated into an existing network. The installation is simple and can be done easily with the included instructions.

A wide color spectrum of over 16 million colors allows individual settings of the desired color. Warm-white and cold-white light support stepless dimming.

For each luminaire, the thermal management has been optimized, which ensures a long life of at least 50,000 hours.

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Makeover with WOODEN products

Kitchen of a private customer

Cocktailbar Loft in Bremen

Restaurant StadtWIRT in Bremen

Target market

Areas of expertise



We produce according to the highest standards and make sure that the quality of our work will constantly exceed customer expectations, meeting even the highest requirements in the application in the interior and exterior for yachts.


Restaurants / Bars & Hotels

Due to our high quality craftsmanship and manufacturing process, our products can be implemented in highly exposed areas like bars and hotels.


Interior designer & Architect

Interior designers benefit by the ability to offer their customers a full concept solution with our products and to set highlights in a composition.



Within a cooperation we develop, design and produce beautiful customized products. A partnership is based on individual agreements.


Private customer

Our customers appreciate the customization according to their requirements and enjoy the comfort light of our lighting elements.



To ensure a complete market supply we work with local retailers, as well as with international online reseller.


"Our mission is to create high quality products and a beautiful lighting.

By using real wood veneer, every product is one of a kind."



100 % handmade

With craftsmanship and passion, we manufacture high quality products. We pay attention to detail and create a unique work of art.

Customized Solutions And Support

We offer customized solutions tailored to individual customer requirements. Any product can be ordered in the desired dimension. We consult and support our partner and customer in the matter of lighting and lighting solutions.